Transform your Learning Environment with a Document Camera
Explore all of the ways document cameras can enhance your learning environment with multiple examples that engage students and reach multiple learning styles. We will explore resources, lesson ideas and cool tricks to use with your document camera.
The document camera used in this presentation is from AVerMedia and uses the AVer+ Software.

Engage Students
Record Lessons
Create Activities
Present Curriculum

In the article Are Document Cameras the Next Big Thing? by Susan Brooks-Young, teachers identified four major changes:

More class time devoted to discussions of students’ written work and thought processes
Increased numbers of students, especially English language learners, sharing and explaining their work
Growing student confidence in their mathematical abilities and better comprehension of concepts
Increased teacher understanding of students’ thought processes

101 Ways to Use a Document Camera
from Joe Carr, CCPS

  1. Share a newspaper, magazine article or book
  2. Share student work
  3. Edit student work
  4. Use it with a think aloud strategy
  5. Share an object without passing it around
  6. Zoom in on a small object
  7. Enlarge small text (visual impairments)
  8. Take a picture
  9. Make a video
  10. Model how to tackle a math problem
  11. Show a dissection
  12. Create a video of a dissection
  13. Upload a video to TeacherTube
  14. Create a video and attach it to an email
  15. Use it as a scanner
  16. Cut and paste pictures into PowerPoint, Word, etc.
  17. Save examples of student work for Parent Conferences
  18. Model filling in forms
  19. Think Aloud a writing assignment
  20. Share and write on Maps
  21. Use as an overhead without mess of transparency
  22. Digitally mark up worksheets without messing them up
  23. Add text to a paper document
  24. Demonstrate use of math tools and manipulatives
  25. Give feedback to Math work
  26. Give feedback to student writing
  27. Record lessons to provide opportunity for second chance learning
  28. Record lessons for absent students
  29. Display charts and graphs
  30. Use to show visuals during a lecture or discussion

How Document Cameras Change The Classroom

Ways students and teachers can use document cameras in various elementary level subjects:
  • All Subjects
    • Showcase student work!
    • Display any paper, textbook, or 3D object in the room!
    • Show and Tell
    • Teaching Plans/Instruction for Substitute Teachers (for Doc. Camera models that record demonstrations)
  • Reading
    • Make any book a big book! (Consider jigsaw or other interactive reading strategies!)
    • Site Words
    • Flash Cards
  • Writing
    • Group Writing
    • Group Editing
    • Share Examples
  • Oral Language
    • Project Visual Aids
    • Model Note Cards
    • Teleprompter
  • Math
    • Rulers, Compasses, and Other Math Instruments
    • Manipulatives
    • Group Problems and/or Correcting
  • Science
    • Diagrams
    • Specimens
    • Dissections
  • Social Studies
    • Maps
    • Artifacts
  • Art
    • Display the Masters
    • Model Techniques
    • Gallery or Recital

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