Animoto is a FREE Web 2.0 tool that is easy to use and adds an new dimension to video production for students and for use in your classroom setting. Create 30 second shorts or a video presentation up to 10 minutes in length.
(It's worth going through the steps to access the FREE Education account - Start with a Basic account, click on Education --> Learn More --> Apply Now)

  • Add images
  • Add text
  • Add audio files
  • Include video (clips up to 10 seconds)

Use Animoto to create:
  • Presentations to enhance lessons / lectures - in any subject area
  • Student Book Reports
  • Science
  • Student Projects
  • Inventions
  • History / Geography Reports

Animoto for Educators - Apply Here

Steps to Create your Animoto Video
  1. Create an Educator Account with an easy to remember password
  2. Choose a background
  3. Add images, video files, text, spotlight (Import from Facebook, a file on your desktop, the web or use their collection)
  4. Move your images around if necessary, or delete if needed
  5. Add audio (Use an MP3 file from your Music folder or use one from their collection)
  6. Modify the settings, add additional information as needed
  7. Animoto does the rest - you'll get a email confirmation when the video is done

Mobile App through iTunes
Animoto on Twitter - Animoto on Facebook - Join the Conversations