Instructor Recommended Applications for the iPad:
There are over 6700 applications just under the heading "Education" please be sure to look under other Apple categories including "Productivity" "Games" "Finance" and "Health and Wellness"

Reading / Language / Writing Applications:
ABC Magnets: Just like the original alphabet, move them around to work on spelling skills
ABC Phonics: Young students can learn & practice alphabet skills
Alpha Writer: Young students can practice their writing skills with this easy to use app
ArtikPix: Articulation Flashcards to work on letter blends
Boggle: Race the timer to create as many words as you can
Dragon Dictation: Easy to dictate comments, stories, messages & email
Dr. Suess Story Books / Games: Read along, play with the pages (paid apps)
Good Reader: Manage all files, photos, pdf, word, excel and more (paid app)
iBooks: Read your favorite books, find free books, see what's on the NY Times list
iSign (Lite): Learn basic Sign Language to communicate with the hearing impaired
MeeGenius: Storybooks for kids (paid app) Website support
My Talk: Use the pictures provided or add your own to create a communication tool for your students (free sample or paid app)
Quick Voice Recording: Record stories, comments and messages to share
Poetry Magnets: Create poems, sentences and stories with word magnets
Popplet Lite: Create word / phrase maps while adding photos & drawings, save & share
Proloquo2Go: Over 7000 vocabulary words to help your non-verbal student communicate (paid app)
Simple Mind X: Create colorful Word Webs as you brainstorm ideas
Speak It!: Enter a text and the voice will read it back to you, includes email & file settings
Starfall ABC's: If you like the website, you'll like the app
Super Why!: For primary level readers to work on their word, letter and sentence skills
Tales2Go: Contains a large library of audio books for children and youth including Clifford, Boxcar Children, Goosebumps, Henry & Mudge, Judy Moody & Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Tap To Talk: Simple word cards that will allow non-verbal students to communicate
TalkBoard: A smaller version of the popular ProloQuo2Go but has many of the same features (paid app)
ToonTastic: Create stories using the basic elements of a story (paid app)
Word Bingo: Play this fun BINGO game using the Dolce Word List / Sight Words (paid app)

Math Applications:
Add 10: Quick addition of double digit numbers
Addition Under the Sea: Practice addition skills while creating a unique puzzle
Alien Kids Math: Practice addition and subtraction skills while being timed
Math Bingo: A fun BINGO game to practice your math facts (paid app)
Financial Football: Test your financial knowledge with this fun football game
Graphing Calc: An excellent app to assist with more advanced graphing students (paid app)
Hot Potato Algebra: Practice your Algebra skills while playing a game
Lobster Diver: Earn lobsters for knowing your number line, fractions and mixed numbers
Math Tricks: Learn a few extra tricks to solving difficult math problems
Mental Math Tricks: Simple math tricks for dividing and multiplying numbers along with a few extra tricks
My Student Budget: Plan out and practice financial skills maintaining a budget
Pearl Diver: Learn how to read a number line and read fractions in this fun game
Rocket Math: Fun math games for elementary level students (free or paid)
Tangram: Create pictures using tangram pieces

Science Applications:
Brain POP: View daily videos, take a quiz and save your scores
Compass: Use your iPad compass to locate places
Cosmic: Advanced detailed information on the solar system and stars (paid app)
Electrons: Create positively or negatively charged particles in this simulator. Includes guided experiments (paid app)
Exoplanet: Access information on the planets and solar system
Frog Dissection: Get the "inside" view of a frog
Google Earth: View the world
GoSkyWatch: Explore the stars, constellations, locations and facts
Molecules: See molecules in 3D and manipulate them with simple taps and pinch gestures
Moon Globe: Your own map to the moon
NASA: Access all things NASA with this application
Oceans and Seas: View the world's seas and creatures, gain information to use in research reports
Osmos: Tap the screen to make your "lifeform" move
Planets: Access information on the planets in our solar system
Subatomic: Push particles into the vortex and see them disappear
Video Science: Access to videos on a variety of science topics & experiments
Weatherbug: Keep up with the weather anywhere

Social Studies Applications:
ABC Player & ABC News: Catch the latest episodes of your favorite ABC TV shows
National Graphic Magazine: View this popular magazine on your iPad for information from around the world
Old Maps Europe: Review how Europe has changed over the decades and after various wars (paid app)
PBS TV: Videos, Fulll-length episodes, segments of popular PBS TV shows
States & Capitals Free: Review information about the 50 states
This is America: Audio textbook with information on the U.S.A. (multiple volumes) (paid apps)
Time: View this popular magazine without a subscription
USA Today: Catch all of the world news on easy to read pages
US Capitals Lite: Study up on the capitals and 50 states
World History Flashcards: Review and study world history facts (paid app)
World History Oxford Dictionary: An excellent resource to information about world history (paid app)

Resource Applications:
Atomic Web: An easy to use web page (paid app)
Blackboard Mobile: Access your Blackboard account to maintain your LMS
Child Timer: Assists with behavior modification
Dictionary: Have a full dictionary and Thesaurus available anytime
Documents To Go: Create, edit, save & share word, excel, & pdf files (pad app)
Dragon Search: Easy to use Search Engine
Dropbox: Sync documents with your computer and pull them up anywhere
eClicker & eClicker Host: Turn your iPods / iPad into your own student response system (paid app)
eCove: Find the app that works for your needs. Monitor student behavior, skills, progress to share with Parents.
Evernote: Create notes from meetings and access them from your desktop later
iTeleport: Access your computer from the iPad (paid app)
Keynote: Create / Use "Power Point" type slides for presenting (paid app)
Terminology Ph: An easy to use dictionary for a small fee
Team Viewer: Access your computer & your SMARTBoard from the iPad
This document will assist you in how to correctly download & install TeamViewer

Creative Applications:
Art Puzzles: Put together puzzles at the level of difficulty of your choosing
PhotoPad: Modify pictures & save to your iPad
Glow Drawing: Draw, write, create and save
Treble Clef Kids: Interactive music theory for beginners
Virtuoso Piano: Create and practice music skills

Problem Solving Applications:
Bizmarck Lite: Play the game of Risk and sink the battleship
Buggies HD: Help the ladybug get through the challenging mazes
Bumper Boats: Can you get the bumper boats out of the coral before the timer runs out?
Chess: Choose your board and pieces and play the game of chess with another player
Checkers: Modify the color of the board and the pieces to play a game of checkers with your friend
Geared: With over 60 levels will you be able to put the gears in the correct place to make them move
Slider: Move the blocks around, putting them back into numerical order

Special Education Applications from The Conover Company: (paid apps)
Everyday Social Skills HD
Grocery Signs & Words HD
Hygiene HD
Information Labels HD
Information Signs & Words HD
Initiating Social Skills HD
Life Skills Sampler HD
Manners HD
Money Words HD
Nouns 1, 2, & 3 HD
Responding Social Skills HD
Restaurant Signs & Words HD
Safety Signs & Words HD
School Signs & Words HD
Shopping Signs & Words HD
Tools at Work HD
Verbs 1, 2 & 3 HD
Words that Direct HD
Work Skills Sampler HD

Foreign Language Applications:
To work on skills related to learning German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian or many others I recommend the AccelaStudy applications as well as the Classic or Deluxe Languages from Paragon Technologie. These are all paid apps.

Downtime Applications:
Awesome Ball: Choose your ball and your background and bounce the ball off the walls
Fluid: Play in the water for a calming moment
Magic Piano: Change the form of the piano and make music
iZen Lite: Create your own Zen garden, place rocks, rake the sand
Smudge: Finger painting at its best without the mess
Talking Tom (Santa, Roby, Gremlin, John, etc): Just for fun or to get your non-verbal / shy student talking
WhiteNoise: Use the sounds provided or create your own mix for soothing sounds

Social Networking Applications:
Echofon: If you Twitter, this is an easy to use app to follow & be followed
Social: A great way to access your Facebook
Tweetdeck: A popular Twitter management tool
Twitterrific for Twitter: Easy to use Twitter application
WordPress: Modify your WP Blog page from your iPad