Instructor Recommended iPod Applications for Education:

ABC Tracer: Trace and learn the letters of the Alphabet, upper & lower case, numbers 0-9
Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader: Fun challenge game just like the TV show
Basic Math: Learn basic math facts - flashcards
Child Timer: Choose the timer you want and set it for 1 or 2 minutes or in 5 minute intervals
Dragon Dictation: Use the microphone ear buds and dictate your comments, see them in print
Flashcard Touch: Create your own flashcards
Foreign Languages: Pick any language you want, just download the applications
Google Earth: Awesome way to view the Earth
Graphing Calculator: Just what it says - a calculator
History Maps: Download any map you would want from history
iHomework: Manage student homework
Lets Tans: Tanagram puzzles for students to challenge themselves
Mathematical Formulas: Math formulas at your finger tips, no more memorizing x+y=z
NASA App: Solar System, stars, science, discovery and more
The Oregon Trail: Take your students on the Oregon Trail just like the pioneers
Planets: Learn all about the planets in our Solar System
Shake and Spell: Shake up your iPod Touch and spell as many words as you can
Shopping List Lite: Create a shopping list for use with your students when on CBI
SkyVoyager: Learn all about the solar system
SRN Client: Clickers for your classroom
Stars: Another great guide to the solar system
States & Capitals: Flashcards of the 50 states and their capitals
Textropolis: Get the name of a major city and find as many words in the letters as you can
USA Factbook: Facts on the 50 states
Weather Bug: Get the latest weather and the forecast anywhere
2010 World Factbook: All the facts you can imagine´╗┐