iTunesU: Ideas You'll be Flipping Over

Flipped Learning is:
  • Students gain necessary prior knowledge outside the classroom via web-based tools
  • Teachers guide students in clarifying and applying new knowledge in the classroom
  • Teachers check for understanding and students extend their learning outside the classroom via web-based tools

PBS Video on Flipped Learning

Resource: University of Texas at Austin Center for Teaching & Learning
and U of T at Austin CT&L "What is the Flipped Classroom?"

Infograph from Knewton

Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

Additional Resources:

Flipped Learning Website
Cybraryrman Blog Site
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The Flipped Classroom from Sophia
Kathy Schrock's Guide to Apps for Bloom's Taxonomy
Flipped Learning Videos
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Web-based Tools & Ideas:

Flipped Learning Resources
Curating Content - Pearltrees
Screencasting - Screencast-o-matic
Videos - Ed.Ted
Collaboration & Cloud Storage - Google Drive
iPad Whiteboard - Educreations
Learning Management System (LMS) - Edmodo

Using iTunesU to support Flipped Learning:

iTunesU offers over 500,000 resources and the ability to create a secure online resource for your students.
iTunesU App Icon.jpg
  • iTunesU and Apple Education
  • Teaching with iTunesU - 3 Webcasts for Teachers
  • Why & How Teachers Use iTunesU - Edudemic article
  • Accessible as a free App through your iOS device (iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini)
  • Allows students to view videos & presentations, listen to audio files, read ebooks/epubs, take notes, see assignments, and receive push notifications when teachers upload new content, send a message, or create a new assignment.
  • Works with the iBooks application - stores highlights, bookmarks, keeps documents, and notes while synching across multiple devices.
  • Can be delivered an managed through your own iTunesU course

File Format
Function / Playback

iOS Devices (iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini)
Books, ePubs
iOS Devices
Document & PDFs
iOS Devices (Sometimes on iTunes/Computer)
iOS Devices
iTunes/Computer & iOS Devices
Web Links
web links.jpg
iTunes/Computer & iOS Devices
Depends on the file format

iTunesU Content Available:
  • K-12 Resources, University & Beyond
  • All subject areas

Exemplary Content:
  • Boyne City Public Schools
  • Platteville School District
  • Smithsonian
  • Khan Academy
  • Common Sense Media

Additional Places to Start with iTunesU:

TED Talks

Common Sense Media

The Open University

Khan Academy

Additional Resources for Using iTunesU in the Classroom:

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