What is a QR Code?
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QR codes are being used on a variety of media to drive people to a specific website. You might see codes on cereal boxes, posters, billboards, even a city bus.


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Websites to create QR codes:

Next, open up a website, such as your wiki, school website, learning object or any url that you'd like to create a QR code for.
*Remember if the url is longer, you may want to create a bit.ly tinyurl, or short url first.*

Save the QR code as a jpeg to your desktop and upload it to your website as a file. Another option is to save the url and embed the code as a Widget --> Other HTML.
Let's see what codes everyone created and take a QR fieldtrip! Here's your first stop...

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Additional Resources:
View this LiveBinder presentation on QR Codes in Education for additional ideas.
The Social Me Wiki by MyWeb2Learn has a great page full of QR Code ideas and resources. Check it out!