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Facebook Groups for Schools

Using Social Media in Education

Prezi on Social Media Etiquette

Where To Start:
  • Following / Followers
  • Find People
  • Lists
  • Avatars / Profile Images
  • Retweeting (RT) & Reposting
  • Hash Tags
  • @Replies

Social Media Etiquette in the Classroom:
  • Be concise
  • Don't be fake - create positive content
  • Avoid spelling & grammar errors
  • Don't over post - Don't spam
  • Don't hijack a thread
  • Be polite (no CAPS lock & over use of punctuation!!!!)
  • Think ahead - what you post today can impact you tomorrow

Building your Professional Learning Network:
  • Lists
  • Hash Tags
  • Chats
  • Links ( or Tinyurl)
  • Tweet Ups / Events

Tips to Using Social Media:

  • Know what you want to get out of the Social Media Network
  • Add profile information
  • Provide relevant information, don't just lurk
  • Add photos of events
  • Host events - even online
  • Share links and resources
  • Join Groups
  • Follow and create lists
  • Post often / Keep your information up to date
  • Connect with others you know


Resources to Explore:

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