Twitter For Educator
What is a Tweet and How do I Twitter?

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Twitter Applications:

Twitter To Start:
  • Following / Followers
  • Find People
  • Lists
  • Avatars
  • Retweeting (RT)
  • Hash Tags
  • @Replies

Twitter in the Classroom:

  • Discussions on Current Events & Trends
  • Search Topics
  • Conduct a classroom poll via applications like Twtpoll
  • Schedule a Meeting or send out an invite to an event via applications like Twtvite
  • Create dialogue
  • Find and map locations
  • Create a short story as a large group
  • Host a synchronous discussion using Tinychat

Building your Professional Learning Network:
  • Lists
  • Hash Tags
  • Chats
  • Links ( or Tinyurl)
  • Tweet Ups / Events

Twitter Web Resources: Weblist