Engaging Students Through eBooks and ePubs

by Jenna Linskens

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An ePub is an electronic publication. The ePub format is used for digital reading devices such as the iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc. You will be creating an ePub on multimedia tools that can be used in the classroom. The ePub may be created using a web-based tool, iBooks Author (Mac only), or in an app on your mobile device.

Wheel of Padagogy:

eBook/ePub Tutorial Videos:

Creating an eBook on ePub Bud:

Creating an eBook on iAuthor:

Creating a Podcast:

Tools for Creating an ePub:


This iTunes U Course will give you a few examples of ePubs created by students: https://itunes.apple.com/us/itunes-u/iam/id492587276?mt=10
Here are some additional resources: https://sites.google.com/site/youmakeebooks/home/ios-apps-pay
Book Creator Tutorial: http://mgleeson.edublogs.org/2013/01/21/book-creator-for-ipad/
Creative Book Builder Tutorial: http://getcreativebookbuilder.blogspot.com/

Examples & Ideas:
Content areas: Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts
Speciality areas: Art, Phy Ed, Foreign language
Study Guides
Class/Individual Story book - Fiction, non-fiction
Culminating project
Biography book
Include audio & videos

Podcasting - Adding Audio to Your eBook:

When you create a podcast, you are essentially creating an mp3 file. An mp3 file is simply a common format for an audio file.
If you have access to Garage Band on a Mac or on your iPad, you may use this tool to create a podcast.
You may also use Audacity, a free software tool that you may download and use to create a podcast. Croak.it will allow you to create 30 second clips as well. Click here to learn more. Finally, you may use Myna which is an audio editor that is part of Aviary, a free web-based software suite.


The tools listed below are excellent for creating your own podcast. Explore the tools before beginning to create your podcast that you will embed, or add to, your ePub.
Garage Band App for iPad $4.99

Audio boo http://audioboo.fm/
Podomatic http://www.podomatic.com/login
Chirbit http://www.chirbit.com/
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/
Audiopal http://www.audiopal.com/
Vocaroo http://vocaroo.com/
Spreaker http://www.spreaker.com/

Are You Ready to Publish?

Distributing ePubs:

Via email
Via shared server (school server - folder)
Cloud storage (Dropbox, Drive, etc)

Publishing your ePub:

Graphicly - charge $200 will disperse to everyone and will print books for more $
Apple - write it, set it up, get an ISBN# for $5
ePub bud for ISBN #
Ativist - publish on a website
Tactilize is an app - like a blog of books can advertise your book

Additional Resources:

Grading Rubric - http://goo.gl/hBIrfG
Book Creator ideas on Pinterest:
Made in Book Creator
Book Creator


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